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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I am sitting on the couch, yawning....this humid weather is getting to me.  I am linking up to Monika over here... And
This morning, I delivered this quilt to its owner...all hand quilted. I do at least one every summer for this lady.
A few close ups...
Very hard to see the quilting on this one!!!
I have this one in the frames and started hand quilting it yesterday...
Called Sand Dollar...quilting it for a good friend.
I made my pillow for the FMQ Challenge/August....
The details are in my earlier post....
I have 2 quilts waiting to be hand quilted after the Sand Dollar, and 2 of my own to quilt
I have a couple of quilts travelling this of mine went to France and one went to Austria this past weekend.  So nice to meet these folks!

Have a fun week everyone!!!!

FMQ Challenge/ August 2015

Well....we are nearing the end of August already, and I have spent most of it in the garden.  This months challenge was left so long that I am lacking in imagination.  But, I did!!!! 

This month, we had Angela Walters as our professional...she is just sweet!  Now, we had options again, and I chose the option of Angela's Dot to Dot Quilting class which I took on line.  This is a very basic example of the class in whole, and you could add so much more fillers here.
To see more pillows this month hop on over here....

Here is my little entry for this month...

I intended to add more to this, but my beans were calling enjoy the challenge everyone,and thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello again, I missed last week because I am slow at quilting right now....gardening. Today, I completely played myself out!!!! I love harvesting the garden, but did too much this  But relaxing now!!!!

I now have 48 pints of beans frozen, and today I froze 20 pints of peas...which took much more work than the beans did. And I have 20 pints of beets pickled. Our garden is fantastic again this year.
Ok....enough about my tired

Right now I am working on hand quilting a customer quilt...
I am halfway through it...
A couple of close ups...
It's really a beautiful quilt, but hard to see in these pics.  I'll show it again when finished.
I am piecing another gray and yellow quilt like the last customer quilt I made here....
I just liked it so much...I have 2 customers quilts waiting to be hand quilted, and a few more people thinking about orders. So, I could be very busy...fingers

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Post Holiday Weekend/ WIP Wednesday

' Well, I think this New Brunswick Day weekend was the best!!!  We had perfect weather for whatever you wanted to do'!! Now it was hot, but no complaining...summer is short.
We spent time in the garden, lazing around home and cruising in the convertible...perfect!!!

Last week was productive for me ...I finished hand quilting this quilt, called 'Prints on Point'.
This was a kit from Connecting Threads.
I also finished machine quilting this yellow and gray quilt for a customer.  This picture is the back of the quilt. I will post better pics after I bind it.
This is in the dark, which shows the quilting more...I did some meandering, and some figure eights.
This is the real colour...

I have three customer quilts to hand quilt right now and one on the way to machine quilt. Mine are waiting, which is good!!!!!
Well.....back outside. I waxed the Solstice, now I need to go back out and buff it!!!

Here are the rest of the quilt pics.
Front...and back...
Are you tired of it yet???  Lol. I am linking up to Monika at

Monday, August 3, 2015

New QAL coming soon!!!!!

I am not promising that I can take part, but am really going to try. this sounds so interesting.

click the button on my sidebar for details.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

FMQ Challenge/July

Can you believe it???????....almost the end of July!!!!!  today is a gorgeous, hot sunny day, and I mean hot. I mowed the lawns early this morning...before the grass was even near dry. We are expecting thunder showers, I got out early and finished it.

Ok, to the business at hand....pillow challenge!  This month our expert is Paula Reid...if you don't know Paula, you got to look her up.  I have her DVD called 'Fluff and Stuff' that is the option I went with this time around.

Paula covers a lot of territory in this video, but she focuses on tracing stencils to follow with your machine needle.  I always had a hard time following a line!  This time...not!!!  I enjoyed each minute of it!!!!!

This pillow is quite similar to an earlier one I did, but it was free hand.  So, here we go....starting  my pillow.

first step...I drew the flower and stitched it out...then
the double circle and feather round.....drawn and stitched. And....
then, I added some fillers to finish it off...stippling in the Center and meandering around the outside of the feather.  I like!!!!!!

To see the rest of this months pillows....scoot over to;  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Good morning everyone!!!  I am linking up to Monika over here... and Lee at is close to tea time for me, so I decided to sit down and put a post up.  This week, I am about half way through the hand quilting of this quilt top....

This is a kit from Connecting Threads, called Prints on Point.  I have this next one ready to pin baste for the Tiara.

Now, The back is pieced for this one pics this morning, but once it is quilted, I will take pics to show you. The back is a row of these same blocks which form a sort of pinwheel...with two shades of Gray on either side of the row of blocks.

I am about to machine quilt my pillow for the July FMQ Challenge.  I have 3 quilts on the way to be hand quilted for customers. 

I think that covers quilting for me right now. But.....I just came in from the garden.  Look what I have picked for supper!!!!!

beet greens!!!!!!!! Now to wash them up and wait!!!!!!  Lol
This is just thinning part of the row.  Yum yum
Have a great week...looks like ours is going to stay wet, so gardening and will be mowing between showers, I guess.