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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What I'm working on and a very nice Giveaway!!!!!

HI folks...I would have posted this as a WIP with Monika, but since there is a giveaway...decided not to.
This week I am really crazy busy with quilts and things.  I am also working hard at hauling and piling hard wood for the next few winters.  So, on with this post, eh!!!!!!!

I am planning to put this customer quilt in the frames be hand quilted. This lady has had me quilt 3or4 quilts in  these colours in the last couple of years.  Guess she loves
It is roughly 92x100 inches.  And this next one is from a new customer...making it larger for starters.
Her grandmother hand pieced the grandmothers flower garden, but Its too small.  I am adding borders to fit a king size bed then will hand quilt it.
One more outside border to add...darker print from same line. And I have this one ready to machine quilt...jelly roll quilt.
This lady has 5 or 6 for me....this next one is finished. She will bind them.
These jelly roll quilts are all going to be gifts.

Now, for the fun!!!!  I have two giveaways for you today...sponsored by a couple of fantastic quilt shops that we all love.
In alphabetical order.....
Pam is generously sponsoring with a $30.00 gift certificate for one lucky winner.

And .....

JUdy is giving one lucky winner a $25.00 gift certificate.  How much more could we ask for???
Don't you love our sponsors people!!!!!! I know I appreciate them very much... thanks to both shops. enter, you have to follow my blog, so in the comments, tell me how you follow, please.
Monday, October 31st, I will draw the 2 winners in respective order. Then send your email to our sponsors.  So....make sure I am able to reach you, please!!!!!!!

Thank you all for following, and to Carols and Pam for you girls!!!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Couple of Finishes!!

It is Sunday evening, and quite windy here in Shepody...but has been a very nice weekend.
I have a couple of finishes for you tonight...first is the wedding memory quilt.  This is not easy for you to really see, I don't take great pics. It is made from the girls wedding gown, and her bouquet.

This piece measures 30"x36" and she plans on framing it in a shadow box.

I always feel so thrilled when they see their quilts for the first time.  Now the second finish is a quilt that I hand quilted for a customer...Lovers Knot.
Tomorrow brings a new day, and probably a new quilt to hand quilt will be started. I have three waiting to hand quilt, and two right now, to machine quilt...three on the way.
I am working on your giveaway too....soon!
Have a great week my friends.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hey Folks

I was just looking through things, and realized that Sept. Was my blogging anniversary...6 years.
I am so happy that my daughter-in-law clued me in to it.  So....keep watching my blog, please, because I am going to have a nice giveaway before long.  I need a little time to figure out just what I want to, be aware...ok?
I miss all the little giveaways we used to have.  It is overdue people!!!!   Lol

Now....what's going on here In my busy corner???  Well...we are not idle, that's for sure!
I am halfway through hand quilting this "lovers knot".
This quilt is king size....a wedding gift from my customer to her daughter.  
I am about halfway through this memory quilt....remember the bridal gown???
It is on my design wall right now...I have added some peach coloured petals since this pic was taken.
I have three large quilts waiting to be hand quilted for customers, and three of five quilts waiting to be machine quilted for Christmas. That's because only three have arrived yet.

Besides all the quilting, I got the last of my potatoes in for the winter!!!!  Now to start on next years hard But it keeps me outside on nice days, which I like.

Well friends, I think I have said enough for now. Stay tuned for the giveaway coming very soon!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bloggers Quilt Festival 2016

Thank you Amy  from for hosting again this year.

This year I am entering my Slice of Sunshine in the hand quilting category.  This quilt was inspired by an older lady whom I used to hand quilt for.  She was getting so she couldn't work at quilts much anymore, and called me one day to see if I would take some things she had. So, away I went to see what she was talking about...thinking 'someone can use it'.

She had some quilt magazines and lots of wonderful fabric!!! I noticed that she had the page turned down for this one and fabric to go with it.  So....what else could I do?  Here is my "Slice of Sunshine"....

This quilt is made with Kona black and Batiks...measure 801/2 inches square.
Close up of the hand quilting in gold thread.....doesn't look gold here, but I purposely used gold so it would stand out with that little isn't doing any good here.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Rainy Monday

Now,  a rainy Monday would usually get me down...but we are getting some much needed rain today.
The view from my living room window an hour ago...actually raining harder than it looks too!
Now, the view in my living
This is the customer quilt I am hand quilting this week. Love this is so soft and suits the girly hearts being quilted in the border.  Very busy with quilts right the garden comes almost to an end.
Lots of tomatoes to stew, potatoes to dig in a couple of weeks...then wood to get in for winter!!!
You know what they say....a woman's work is never done....yes!!!!!  Best time for our annual community turkey supper...right?  Oct. 1st. We will serve about 600 at our community hall between 3 and 7pm.
Well, back to quilting.....

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Nice Day with a Friend

Well, I started my day as usual.....breakfast and opening my shop. Then my friend Connie called and asked if I wanted to go to the quilt show in Quispamsis.  Ok........I did say no at first, busy busy busy!!
That didn't last long...a few minutes later I called her back...I'm We had a great day looking at all of the quilts, having lunch and a very nice drive on a sunny day. We ran into a group of friends that we get together for sewing days with too...always nice.

Now back to  Well, I have finished hand quilting this Double Irish Chain for a friend.  
I have 4 or 5 quilts ahead of me right now, waiting for hand quilting and some need more piecing.
One is a memory quilt to be made from the bridal is next on the list. And the next one to be hand quilted is a disappearing nine patch. So first of next week will be busy again.  For now, I have to bind the Irish Chain.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Working Away

It has been such a nice summer this year...I hate to see it end, but it is getting there.  Today, I finished hand quilting this quilt for a friend...all Batiks
I made this wall hanging yesterday with another friend...
I couldn't resist making this one...just so cute!!!!
This one is going in the frames to be hand quilted on Monday...
We have our grandsons for the weekend, so no quilting.
Today, Connie and I got together to work on our snow geese pics yet, but it is fun to get together with friends.
I now have 4 quilts waiting for hand more possibility. And I have a few coming to machine quilt for Christmas.
Besides quilts...I am half way or better through my garden for this year.  Things are busy right now, but will end before we know it!
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!