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Friday, July 3, 2015

A Beautiful Day

Hi everyone ...A gorgeous day here today, my youngest son, his son and another grandson visited today. Always such a pleasure to see them!!!!

I finished this customer quilt today...finished hand quilting it last night and bound it this afternoon.
My fingers are resting til the end of next week...then back at

I also finished one on the Tiara, but will show you after she picks it up. I like the owner to see it first...if possible.
Hope you all enjoy your weekend....we are taking off in the Solstice tomorrow for a day of cruising!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

FMQ Challenge 2015/ June

This post is linked up with Quiltshopgal over here...

We are mid year...hard to believe, and we've had very little spring like weather yet. For this months challenge, our instructor is Diane Gsaudynski, another wonderful quilter. we had several options, but I chose to combine 2 of them together.

We had a tutorial on feathers and one on I put them into one pillow.I used a fairly dark cotton fabric and a variegated thread, so it would stand out. I was experimenting with Aurifil Mako'NE.50/2 weight.
This is the first time I quilted with this, and didn't have a great experience with it...I'm afraid.

I like the colours which go from a shiney white to dark brown. Now it worked great on larger areas at a medium speed, but when it came to trying pebbles or scribbling....a mess of eyelashes. I'm not saying it is the fault of the thread....probably just that I need to play more with it and tension and needles...and I will do that!

Here is the pillow...
Another look...

Now, the feather went great...I liked the way the spine turned out, too. the large swirls were fine, but I didn't enjoy all the stopping and starting for this won't use this much.
the scribbling was planned to be pebbles, but the thread couldn't handle scribbling. it was still fun, and a good way to try new threads.Aurifil is a wonderful thread, and we just need more

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Well, as this is late Tuesday evening, and raining again!!'....I am getting my post up.  My veggie garden is doing so well, but I am afraid this much rain is going to kill my tomatoes and cucumbers. it's so disheartening!!  But, no more

Today, the lady came to pick up her Batik sampler that I finished hand quilting for her. she was very pleased...and I got a big hug!'!!!  what a very nice feeling it was. this is her quilt.

This next quilt is a custom order for a little girl...I've just started it.
the background is Kona white, and a very nice cotton to work with.
I am also working on this months FMQ pillow challenge....a few days left to post it.

I've machine quilted a few baby quilts this week too....only a picture of one right now though.
and I  just got another order today for a double size quilt from a lady who stopped in here last summer.
she said then, that she was going to get a quilt one day!!!! Lol
So, that is it for me this week...I never stop, but doesn't seem like a lot. 

I hope you all have a great week, with sunshine somewhere!!!!!  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello everyone...I haven't been posting regularly lately, because I am busy out doors so much now. But, I am still quilting steadily.  This week I have a few things to show you...things I am working on.

First up:  I quilted this one for a friend on the Tiara last week...bound it last night.
its a simple patchwork rail fence that I quilted a meandering loopy design on.  All folded and ready to go!

This next one is what I am hand quilting right now for a customer...
I have done three of these samplers this year two lap size and a queen. This one is all Bstiks and gorgeous!!! I'll post another pic when I finish it...on the last row of blocks now.

This one is the Bargello strip I have ready for my Bargello Dahlia.
The next step is to draw the petals on fusing and fuse them to this. Should be interesting!!!!

Now the next one is a customer quilt that I am going to quilt on the TIara soon...I want to do a few small pieces first.
I have to get at my FMQ Challenge right away and quilt a few baby quilts.

Yard work is keeping me away from these things lately..This morning I planted marigolds in the flower beds, as the spring flowers are going out of blossom now. I love my spring gardens! here is my lilac tonight in the rain.
a look down an area of our pond...where I can sit in the shade.
One garden...
Next is the front yard and my veggie garden in the distance.  just got it all planted.
well...enough of my days, have a great week.
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I am linking up to Monika..., and  I have been slacking with my posting lately, because of the busy schedule here. We have installed new windows and siding on our home...whenever the weather permits. it has been a miserable, cold spring. 

So...onward with Works in Progress:

I finished the customer quilts from my last post...

This one and a baby quilt, which I neglected taking a picture of...sorry!

I am now hand quilting this lap size customer quilt...
Will finish in a day or two.

I am machine quilting this block,scrappy quilt for a friend....

I am piecing this one for a customer....
I have the fourth row pinned to sew on...and one more row to go before a border.
This will be hand is the pattern for this one.
And this is the state of my Bargello Dahlia right
I will get to it!!!!
and...........I bought fabric this morning, which I didn't need. But they were just unwrapping the bolts when I got there.  I just had to!'!!!!   Lol

One meter of Tree Top. And 6 meters of Block Party....yay!!!!!!
Well, I am done ranting for this week folks. enjoy the rest of your week.  Ohhhhh, forgot....I received my Modern Bee book in the mail from Quiltshopgal ....I follow a lot of the wonderful ladies who have quilts and advice in this lovely book... Congrats to these girls!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Free Motion Challenge/ May 2015

YQuiltshopgal.... has been hosting this challenge again this year. We are in our fifth month already, and having fun!!'!

This months expert is Cindy she is fantastic! I have taken Cindy's Design it Quilt it class...learned so much. But I am going back to her demo in our 2012 challenge for this one.  it was about dividing and conquering space, which you can see here.....

Create a pillow using the free tutorial from the 2012 FMQ Challenge, by Cindy Needham.  This is a great learning opportunity where you will learn about Cindy’s approach for “divide and conquer”, S-Curve and more.

I took a little differnt approach this time around, though.  I had this swirl design in my head for some reason,and went with that.

A differnt view of it...
I filled the Center swirls in completely...then added a little pebbling and stapling to the sides of the pillow.   love it!!  I didn't try to keep my swirls exactly the same...just flowing and had so much fun with it.

I used Kona Denim and signature gray thread on my Tiara.  Thanks for taking a please go to the link above and see the gorgeous inventions.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Voting!!!!!!/ Finishes

Tomorrow is your last chance to show off your quilts!!! Then voting begins...please vote for your favorite quilts folks.

Now I didn't get in on WIPs this week...was just busy.  So, I want to show you that I have finished these...

A small portion of the t shirt quilt, ready to bind. this is so huge!!!!   Lol.   Another angle...
And, I finished hand quilting a friend's quilt...
I like this...I stuck with the geometric pattern of the quilt when quilting this.
And I have the next little one in and ready to start. This belongs to the same lady.
This is crib size and has pink minky on the back.  Well...tea time for me, will chat later. enjoy your evening.