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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Here we go again...I missed last week as I didn't have much to show. I have been so busy weeding the garden and thinning vegetables out, mowing the lawns....and it is hot!  But summer is short, so not complaining about heat.  I am complaining about my potato bugs though...LOL.   where the heck do they come from?????? I squash those things twice a day... And they multiply each time I go back out...

This week I am close to the end of the Batik quilt I started hand quilting 2 weeks ago.
This is the quilting...all in the ditch except the border.
Here you can see I have 2 rows of blocks and the border left to quilt.

I am really busy working on projects, but can only share a peek, as they are for the Sept blog hop.
this is one of them..using RBD gingham


the next 2 are peeks at other pieces for the hop....

fabric ready to get into....and

A peek at one ready to quilt....sorry, but have to wait til Sept to see these.

When I finish hand quilting the batik quilt, I have 3 more here waiting, that belong to customers, and 1 more to arrive.  So, I will be busy for sometime.  I also have a piece to make for the Rush blog hop the end of Sept.    Fun, fun, fun!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Place

This post is not quilt related, but I wanted to give you a look at our area.  I just came in from taking a few photos of the yard. Earlier in the year would have been prettier with the spring flowers, but you know that didn't get done...LOL.

Ninebark in the has white blossoms.

this is going out my back walkway from the house...looking south.

Snowmound Spirea out back...looking north toward the garden.

The veggie garden...

this is turning south from the garden, toward the driveway...

In the driveway, looking south toward the pond...

Looking east to the marshes...

what is left of my flowers by the garage...

another Spirea by th pond...

standing by that Spirea looking west to the highway

One of th many lilies coming in blossom now...
Hope you visit if you ever venture this way.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

On with the next quilt!!

heading out soon for apps., but managed to get this quilt in the frames to hand quilt.

this is all Batiks...including the back.  they are a bit stiff to quilt, but always lovely.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday

OpHere we are again....weeks seem to fly by, don't they.  It's been gorgeous weather here for most of the week, excluding the tail end of Arthur that hit us.  We were very lucky not to experience any damage or power outages....some areas weren't so lucky.  But no one was hurt which is all that matters.

We celebrated 41 years of marriage over the weekend....hard to imagine!!  and now on to my WIPs.

I just finished hand quilting the quilt I showed you going in the frames last week.

Close up....
This is a lap quilt in Batiks.

I quilted this wall hanging on Tiara...not bound yet.
And this next piece is for the Sept. Blog I can only give you a peek for now.
Next is the back of a rag lap quilt....I haven't clipped it yet.

Tomorrow I will probably put the next quilt in the frames to hand quilt....down to 3 now...LOL

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Isn't it a beautiful summer!!!! Has been very hot here in New Brunswick, but loving it!  I have a lot of outdoor work this time of the year, but still sewing and quilting. 

I finished the Poppy quilt....and love it.

A peek at the back of the quilt...
I think this is my very favorite quilt. I've been asked over and over by customers if I have a I do!

I have this one in the frames now....customer quilt

this is a lap quilt in Batiks with the minky like fabric on back...forgot th proper name, but is fire  first time hand quilting with this backing, but going well.

I have started a couple of other pieces, but afraid I can't show you yet. these are for the Sept. Blog hop with our favorite Madame!!!!!

I have 3 more customer quilts waiting to be hand quilted. and a number of my own to machine quilt.
One of these days I will get to those. I machine quilted a baby quilt for a friend yesterday, but neglected to take a picture.  it was a jungle animal panel with meandering.

hubby and I took a drive in the Solstice on Saturday...was a gorgeous hot day in the convertible.
we stopped at a sweet fabric shop and made a little purchase of some lovely fabrics.  can't have too much fabric. Have you seen the great sale Connecting Threads is having....oh my, I am having a hard time holding back!!!!

that's it for this week folks....linking up to Monika over at and

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Ok...I know it is only Tuesday evening...LOL.  The wind has been blowing like crazy here all day!!  But a good thing it did because I mowed lawns for 3 hours this morning. It would have been waaaaay too hot other wise.   So, on to works in progress ......first up is the picture of Annette's quilt because I have been patiently waiting its arrival which was today!!!!!

This was lovely to hand quilt...Annette did a great job piecing this.
Annette over at will be posting pictures in a day or watch for those. I find you don't get close ups with ones done with my ipad.  

Next up is the Poppy quilt...still working on it, but will be finished in a couple of days.

This pic shows the center of the quilt....

This one shows how much is left to quilt. I have loved making this one!!!

The wall hanging from last week is pin basted and ready to quilt on Tiara...just to get to it.
I am picking 2 more quilts up tomorrow to hand quilt, plus one of my friends has one for me to quilt, and I have one waiting in the sewing room for after that.  Those are all to be hand quilted. I also have 2 queen size quilts of my own waiting to be machine quilted, plus a few projects to start....more on those a little later.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday

A whole week has gone by already!!!  We had a gorgeous day here today, Tuesday...I post early.  I didn't get to sew much because I was mowing lawns and weeding my veggie garden.  I love seeing the plants grow!  I was outside pretty much all day today and I am beat...but in a good way...LOL

This week all I have done is finish piecing my wall hanging from Connecting Threads.

that is pretty well the whole thing here, but difficult to see well...I can't stand back far enough in this room.  I'll show it again after I quilt it on Tiara....soon.

and I am this far on the Poppy quilt ....I am in about 45". From the beginning border.

tomorrow is suppose to be rainy, so when I get back from our community hall (cleaning)...I will quilt more on this one.

that is it for me this time folks....hope you visit again. Linking up to Monika over at and Lee at